More economic efficiency in fattening.

To consequently optimize your livestock breeding it is indispensable to carry out check weighing which leads to important findings to increase revenues. Animal weighing machines of Meier-Brakenberg provide you with exact data on weight increases and allow effective control of animals and performance. You will always be informed about the optimum sales weight and therefore the ideal date of sale.

We have developed mobile and stationary multi-purpose scales for precise weighing of moving animals. Our product range includes mobile scales for individual animals, stationary low-floor scales and special constructions such as the large size bull weighing machine at Hamburg harbour, a special construction with selection gate which is used at Hamburg harbour to weigh bulls for export.

Careful and stress-free weighing.

All our scales - whether for weighing or sorting fatteners, gilt, piglets, calves, sheep, goats, feeders or bulls - are focused on practicable, efficient and careful weighing processes which should be as fast and stress-free as possible for both, man and animal.

Our weighing machines stand out for their precise electronics with animal weighing programs, high-quality workmanship and durability. Robust weighing cages and shock resistant weight sensing load bars ensure suitability for use under rough conditions.

Precise measuring with up-to-date analysis tools.

  • Animal weighing programs for moving animals
  • Automatic taring in case of soiling
  • Water-protected display with robust membrane keypad
  • Clearly readable bright display with large digits
  • Connections for PC, printer, scanner and USB sticks (optional)
  • Calibrated scales on request