Disinfection Gates

Animal diseases threaten the life and health of wild and farm animals and lead to considerable economic damage in valuable livestock populations. Mobile and stationary disinfection gates are a suitable means of combating animal diseases.

The use of the decontamination sluice at the operational borders prevents the spread of the pathogen from the outbreak operation.

On the other hand, this vehicle sluice provides a preventive means against the entry of the disease into intact farms and for the decontamination of emergency vehicles in restricted areas.

The newly developed DESTORmobil500 decontamination arch from Meier-Brakenberg has been developed for changing locations. The arch is held and used, for example, by local authorities such as districts, towns and municipalities, but also by fire brigades or animal disease societies.

Stationary disinfection sluices are used, for example, in agricultural or food processing companies. They are then installed permanently on the company premises or in enclosures specially designed for this purpose.