Animal scales - special designs. We weigh bulls in the Port of Hamburg.

Special constructions according to customer specifications.

Sometimes farming and industrial operations are so unique that ready-made products will not suffice. Our experts can offer the best solutions especially for these demanding applications.

Together with the users we jointly define the tasks and develop a custom-made product which corresponds exactly to the requirements. We attach great importance to robust materials, high workmanship and best possible functionality.

You can find an introduction to some of our special constructions on our homepage. For example, we have developed the bull weighing machine for the Port of Hamburg for weighing of the animals for export. Our scales for barrels are used in the chemical industry. And we have designed a special horse weighing machine with rubberized floor for a veterinary hospital. 

Individually constructed bull scales with modified indicator unit.
Mobile weighing machine with box for suckling piglets.

Baby piglet weighing machine.

Mobile scales with box for baby piglets. 4 point weighing for accurate weight determination

Mobile piglet scales special construction for a training and research institute.

For science.

Piglet weighing machine for research institute Futterkamp with high precision weighing. With integrated antenna for earmark identification and data transfer to PSIon.

Mobile special construction scales short design.

Maximum precision

Mobile piglet scales for animals of up to 45 kg with 4 point weighing for higher accuracy.

Mobile feeder scales special construction with individual dimensions.

Integrated earmark scanner.

Mobile feeder weighing machine for young cattle of up to 250 kg. Calibratable design with 4 point weighing, earmark scanner and export of weighing data.

Increased mobility.

Piglet scales with mobile chassis for easy transportation of weighing machine with animals on it.

Comfortable ramp with side parts to lead animals onto the chassis.

Mobile feeder scales special construction with individual dimensions.

For the very big ones.

Feeder scales with high passage way for young cattle of up to 300 kg.

Mobile transport trolley with pallet intake equipment.

Piglets on the road.

Piglet transport trolley made of aluminium with large guide pulleys, forklift access and excrement slots in floor area.

Test scales for the veterinary university in Vienna.

Scales with front side cable pull gate and mobile chassis for the university of natural resources and life sciences in Vienna, department agricultural biotechnology.

Stationary weighing machine with individually designed selection grid.

The right choice.

Stationary aluminium scales for gilt sorting with removable partition wall. Selector is inside the weighing machine.

Space miracle.

Stationary square-shaped aluminium scales for optimum utilization of space within confined areas. Doors can be separated in the middle to create larger passageways or to limit passageways whenever needed.

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