MBHOT 900. Sometimes it has to be hot water.

Good against oils, fats and proteins.

The MBHot 900 hot water cleaner is easy to manoeuvre and also comes with a burner for hot water preparation. With 900 litres of hot water per hour, it is ideal for machine cleaning, in the milking parlour or on yards. With a temperature of up to 90° C, proteins and fats can be dissolved very well.


Performance in detail


  • The motor and pump are protected by a stainless steel cover.
  • Its high grip enables comfortable, back-friendly pushing regardless of body size
  • Hot water treatment as standard
  • Ideal for fast dissolving of fats and proteins
  • Large-volume 3-cylinder plunger piston pump with crankshaft drive and ceramic piston
  • Low rotation of only 1,450 rpm for long service life
  • High heat output due to powerful 62 kW burner
  • Maximum 90° C Water working temperature
  • Start-Stop automatic as standard

The hot water generator with unbeatable advantages.

  • Robust aluminium chassis with stainless steel hood
  • Large, ball-bearing solid rubber wheels (never flat)
  • Lance holders for safe storage of the lances
  • Quick coupling system on the lances for quick and easy lance replacement
  • Water filter on the water inlet side keeps dirt out
  • Easy handling due to clearly arranged control panel
  • Easily accessible water and electricity connection
  • Fuel can with change function
  • Integrated chemical tank (optional)
  • Handle at ergonomic working height

Product Details

  • The compact chassis of the MBH1320 includes a practical removable fuel tank and optionally two injector tanks for chemicals for metering chemical additives such as detergents into the washing water.

    High-pressure technology - Injector tanks for chemicals
    Practical removable fuel tank for the HotBox and optionally two injector tanks for chemicals find place on the aluminium chassis - metering of chemical additives such as detergent or disinfectants is possible.

  • Lance holders as standard keep all needed high-pressure lances ready to hand directly at the device. The lances are securely fixed during transport.

    High-pressure technology - Lance holder
    Lance holders as standard secure stable position of all needed high-pressure lances - lances are always ready to hand directly at the device.

  • Safe and well-conceived hose guide of hose drum HST protects the user against wires contained in the high-pressure hose and allows clean winding of high-pressure hose on stainless steel drum.

    High-pressure technology - Safe hose guide
    The safe and elaborated hose guide of the hose reel HST - protects the user against wires inside the high-pressure hose material and ensures clean reeling up.

  • The 430 mm ball bearing mounted solid rubber wheels never lose air and have low roll resistance. They provide highest mobility of MBH devices and make transport of large devices much easier.

    High-pressure technology - Large solid rubber wheels
    430 mm ball bearing mounted solid rubber wheels - never lose air and have low roll resistance.

  • Hochdrucktechnik - Start-Stopp Automatik

    High-pressure technology - Automatic start-stop
    Electromechanical automatic start-stop offers highest functional reliability due to electromechanical design - flow monitor starts the device reliably.

  • The standard water inlet filter is optimally positioned and easy to clean. It protects the large volume piston pump against gross contaminations from water pipes.

    High-pressure technology - Water filter
    In optimum position and easy to clean: the standard water inlet filter - protects the large volume piston pump against gross contamination. (starting from MBHST1260)

Technical Data

 MBHot 900
Water output900 l/h
Operating pressure140 bar
Electric motor4 kW
Motor rotational speed1.450 U/min
Burner62 kW
Weight (with standard equipment)180 kg
Length x width x height/handle
1.200 x 700 x 1.150 mm
Standard equipment:20 m hose, gun with fast coupling, flat-jet lance, circulation pump, stainless steel cover, water filter, automatic start-stop 

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