Toy holder

Toy holder for toy chains and balls.

Our holder for fixing toy chains and similar activity materials for fast and easy installation between the stable construction and partition wall. The drilling for fixation of the toy chain is already included. Toys like balls, biting bits or wooden pieces can be attached to the chain.

Holders also serve as additional constructional reinforcements. Our range includes wall-to-wall constructions as well as pen-to-wall constructions. 

The kit for pen-to-wall construction includes two support elements made of iron and a U-bolt for connection to imperial support pipes. Therefore in two pens there is each one holder with toys available for the animals. 



It fits in any stable.

  • Toy Holder of Meier-Brakenberg
  • Prepared for mounting one toy chain 
  • Robust and solid construction
  • Easy mounting to partition walls or compartment walls 
  • Mounting material included in scope of delivery

Product Details

    Technical Data

    Type ZBM005 ZBM001
    Length (cm) 2x 86 86
    Weight (kg) 2,2 1,1
    Design Galvanized Galvanized
    Mounting options Wall / pen Wall / wall
    Scope of delivery Set: 2 pcs., incl. connection Single holder
    Accessories On request: mounting material On request: mounting material

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