Piggy Check

Piggy Check – Weighing pigs with 3D camera at a tablet computer

Piggy Check ensures fast and easy sorting of fattening pigs prior to sale. The user needs a standard smartphone or tablet PC with 3D camera to take advantage of the intelligent software. Pictures of the animal are taken right inside the pen. The software creates depth images and calculates the animal’s weight. A traffic light indicator shows recommended marketing actions.

Piggy Check technology has been developed for much more than mere weighing operations. The Piggy Check Portal collects and evaluates all data in a cloud. This entails valuable insights as to coming sortings and improvement of slaughter prices.

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With Piggy Check you can weigh your pigs easily direct in the pen by non-contact weight determination. You will receive in seconds the weight of the viewed pig and some seconds later in the cloud at Piggy Check Portal.

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Product type Software - based on Windows technology
Required hardware Tablet or Smartphone with 3D-compatible camera

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