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Ideas from real life based on experience.

The success story of Meier -Brakenberg began end of the 90s. At that time we realised that there was no place to buy a reasonable device for soaking dirt in stables before cleaning. So, we have successfully developed such a device and installed it in our stables.

Word spread quickly and more and more pig livestock farmers approached us. We started to construct custom-made, electronically controlled soaking units for self-installation. At that time Wolfgang Meier delivered each unit personally to the customer. In 1998 we booked a tiny booth at the EuroTier in Hanover and presented our system to the entire agricultural world. Farmers were enthusiastic about the idea which revolutionised stable cleaning.

Discover demand and find solutions.

The fully equipped stable at Meier-Brakenberg serves as reference and shows products under practical conditions. New products are tested here for their marketability and practical suitability. Here we also perform long-term tests with our products.

The same high resonance was achieved by our weighing machine for individual animals two years later. Again, an idea born from necessity. Just like all the other farmers we had used outdated analogue equipment and obtained rather vague results. No place in the world to buy a weighing machine for precise digital weighing of animals one by one until Meier-Brakenberg presented their weighing technology innovation at the EuroTier in 2000. That’s what many livestock farmers had been waiting for and we started serial production right away.


Tested hundreds of times in real life.

In the 2000s we added high-pressure cleaners and many other products and we have always remained true to our motto „Real life based on experience“. We manufacture prototypes, install them in our fattening farm and optimise them under real life conditions for as long as it is necessary to reach market maturity. These field tests raise our awareness for decisive details in product developments and product improvements. By doing so we can perfectly solve all those allegedly inconsiderable tasks we are facing during everyday work.

Also the close contact to our customers helps us to develop our products as close to the practical needs as possible.

And just in case we need to know even more - as we did when we developed the high-pressure cleaner series MBH - it may happen that we ask some 1,200 farmers for their special opinion.

Close customer relationships play an important role for Meier-Brakenberg when it comes to development of new products or further development of existing products. We listen carefully to what our customers report on their experience and requests related to practical work.

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Professional products of Meier-Brakenberg.

  • High-pressure cleaning: mobile and stationary, with enormous water outputs of up to 12,000 liters per hour and the multi-user option.
  • Weighing technology: from mobile individual animal scales or stationary low-floor scales to special applications such as piglet, sow, sorting, calf, sheep, feeder or bull weighing machines.
  • Weighing technology: from mobile individual animal scales or stationary low-floor scales to special applications such as piglet, sow, sorting, calf, sheep, feeder or bull weighing machines.
  • Drinking systems for any stable: individual solutions for complete water systems, on request with integrated dosing technology to per mille accuracy for media such as feed acids or vitamins.
  • Medication dosing systems: precise metering into drinking water by electronic medication dosing system.
  • Animal welfare products: innovations for long-lasting occupation of animals kept in stables.
  • Porky's Pick Up: innovative electrical carcass trolley awarded with the DLG gold medal.
The production of professional high-pressure cleaners such as frequency pump units and special constructions for municipal and publicly owned enterprises. In the picture: Assembly of our all-rounder MBH1800.